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ivy-portrait-2013Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Scientific Director

Ivy Lynn Bourgeault is a professor in the Telfer School University of Ottawa, is the Scientific Director of the PHIRN. Ivy's research has focused on a range of issues from women's health and maternity care in rural and remote communities to the role of complementary and alternative medicine in the Canadian health care system, but she is probably best known for her work on health professions and health policy. Ivy is concurrently the lead of the Ontario Health Human Resources Research Network (OHHRRN), another Ministry of Health funded AHRNI initiative. She presently holds the CIHR/Health Canada Chair in Health Human Resource Policy. Her doctorate is in Community Health from the University of Toronto (1996).


Arthur 2015Dr.Arthur Sweetman

Arthur Sweetman is a professor in the Department of Economics where he holds the Ontario Research Chair in Health Human Resources and is also a member of CHEPA. Previously he was Director, School of Policy Studies at Queen's University where he also held the Stauffer-Dunning Chair in Policy Studies. His research focuses primarily on empirical (econometric) approaches to economic policy issues, and he has an interest in quantitative program evaluation. Prior to returninig to McMaster in 2010, his research areas were extremely broad involving, among other topics, labour market, social policy and health topics. At McMaster his primary focus is on econimic and policy issues related to health human resources.