Advisory Committee 2010-2013

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Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Scientific Director of OHHRRN
Dr. Arthur Sweetman, Ontario Research Chair in Health Human Resources
HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency Representative
Mr. Brad Sinclair, Executive Director of the Marketing and Recruitment Agency for HealthForceOntario.
Ontario Based HHR Researchers
Dr. Andrea Baumann, Associate Vice-President of Global Health for the Faculty of Health Sciences and Scientific Director of the Nursing Health Services Research Unit at McMaster University;
Dr. Audrey Laporte, Associate Professor of Health Economics for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and Core Investigator for the Home Care Evaluation Research Centre;
Dr. Hugh Armstrong, Professor in the School of Social Work and the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University;
Out-of-province HHR Researchers
Dr. Gail Tomblin-Murphy, Director WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre Health Workforce Planning and Research Dalhousie University
Non HHR Researchers
Dr. Tracey Adams, Chair, Department of Sociology, Western University