Building Capacity

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Challenges in the HHR Domain:

  • There are critical HHR issues which has led to an increase in research, but it is often uncoordinated
  • ž There is a general lack of capacity in HHR research both within the academic/research and policy/decision-maker communities
  • There are a variety of neglected content areas which a coordinated research and knowledge exchange network could better address

OHHRRN began in 2009 with funding from the MOHLTC with three goals in mind:

1) To undertake more and better health human resource research in Ontario with an Ontario focus

  • Leverage funds from OHHRRN vis-a-vis other sources

2) To enhance capacity in health human resources research in the province

  • Research production capacity building
  • Community receptor capacity enhancement

3) To inform policy and practice regarding health human resources

OHHRRN HHR Reseach Production Devoted: