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About This Series: The É/Exchange working paper series is designed to facilitate sharing of results and to encourage discussion of concepts, practices, and policies in applied health. This series provides a way to disseminate well-written, but not yet published, reports of research. It is also a way to make research conducted by affiliated community members accessible to a wider readership. The series is co-sponsored by The Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN), Réseau de recherche appliquée sur la santé des francophones de l'Ontario (RRASFO); and the Ontario Health Human Resources Research Network (OHHRRN).

Developing Training Modules for Foreign Trained Health Professionals and Unregulated Health Workers

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About This Article: This article describes a research project that designed and tested e-learning modules for newly em-ployed internationally trained health workers who have little or no experience with the Canadian public health system and whose first language may not be English. The modules introduce the Cana-dian health care system and how and where public health fits into it. Best practices for developing web based learning modules for those with low levels of English literacy, and lessons learned from pilot testing of the modules are pro-vided.

Authors: Cava, M, Parker, H.

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The Experiences of Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Canada

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About this Article:A recent study collected stories of internationally educated medical gradu-ates, nurses and midwives who have immigrated to Canada and attempted to become contributing mem-bers of the Canadian medi-cal system. It highlights barriers and facilitators to this process and makes policy, program and system recommendations that will benefit both immigrants and Canadian society at large.

Authors: Bourgeault, IL., Neiterman, E., LeBrun, J., Viers, K., and Winkup, J.

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Initial Perceptions of Key Stakeholders in Ontario Regarding Independent Prescriptive Authority for Pharmacists

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Objective: To ascertain the initial perceptions of the Ontario government and health professional stakeholder groups to the prospect of prescriptive authority for pharmacists.
Methods: Qualitative research methods were used; data sources were policy documents and semi-structured interviews with key informants from the Ontario government and pharmacy and medical professional organizations. Purposive and snowball sampling strategies were used to identify 17 key informants. Fifty-one relevant policy documents were retrieved through searches of organizational websites and interviewee suggestions. Interview transcripts and documents were content analyzed independently by 2 researchers and once consensus was achieved, the primary investigator analyzed the remainder.

Authors: Pojskic, N, MacKeigan, L, Boon, H, Austin, Z, Kohler, J and Ellison, P.

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